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 a Good Staff application Requires...

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a Good Staff application Requires... Empty
PostSubject: a Good Staff application Requires...   a Good Staff application Requires... I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 05, 2009 1:08 pm

Here we want to know about you,

what you can do
what your hobbies are
Why you want to be a staff
Why you Like GunZ
why you want to be a staff
how long you came here

all these Questions are something we would like to know about you

Now we want you to come up with something that will Interest us and make us want you to be a Staff.

Here is a Basic application

* = Required

*1.Your Name:
*3.What Country:
4.hours online:
5.Staff Experiance:
*6.Date of birth
7.Why you want to be a staff:
8.What do you think you can do for this community:
9.If you was the Owner/Co/Head-Admin, Would you make yourself staff/Why:
10.How long have you played GunZ:
11.What Interest you to be staff:
12.Do you like Coloring/Recoloring:
13.Do you consider yourself good at it:
14.What would you do as your job of a GM:
15.If you dont get accepted what will you do:
16.What would you do if you was removed from staff with/without cause:

These are all things that can help us Learn more about you and Why we should decide to make you a Staff.

Please read carefully and thank you for application and also thank you for playing Hellz GunZ: The Duel. All your GunZ are belong to us!
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a Good Staff application Requires...
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