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PostSubject: GM APP FOR LITEFIRE (IGN)   Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:54 am

what you can do: i can help out with the server and recurit more members also help if there are any problems
what your hobbies are: erm breathing teakwondo,piano,swimming videogames, TV and homework
Why you want to be a staff:i want to help others and be known if the server becomes big
Why you Like GunZ: well i think it takes a lot of skill and i like playing it just for fun Smile
how long you came here: lol 2 days ago cem recuited me we are friends Very Happy

all these Questions are something we would like to know about you

Now we want you to come up with something that will Interest us and make us want you to be a Staff.

Here is a Basic application

* = Required

*1.Your Name:Allan
*2.Timezone:Central Time (US & Canada)
*3.What Country:Canada
4.hours online:It Depends If Im Busy Or Not
5.Staff Experiance: None
*6.Date of birth: May 30th 1998
7.Why you want to be a staff: i want to help others and be known to others if the server becomes big
8.What do you think you can do for this community: well i can help out other players and help with other stuff
9.If you was the Owner/Co/Head-Admin, Would you make yourself staff/Why: Yes I Would Make Myself Staff Because I am responsible and really nice and care about all the players that play HellzGunz
10.How long have you played GunZ: 4 or 3 years on ijji
11.What Interest you to be staff: well my friend is one to so it would be nice and i would like to help to Smile
12.Do you like Coloring/Recoloring: Well im sorta in the middle i don't hate it and don't love it
13.Do you consider yourself good at it: no not really
14.What would you do as your job of a GM: i would help others and help with whatever im just here to help Very Happy
15.If you dont get accepted what will you do: I'd be pretty pissed off but il get over it and just play like a normal member
16.What would you do if you was removed from staff with/without cause: i would try and find out why and be pretty pissed but all in all i will play like a normal member for the time being if there was a problem i did if there wasn't i would be really pissed off but il get over it
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PostSubject: Re: GM APP FOR LITEFIRE (IGN)   Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:07 am


Reason: Staff Spots are CLOSED untill members come in.
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